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Travel Portal Development

Team India Web Design offers best solution for your travel business. We provide custom travel portal development as per your requirement. We provide best solution for travel portal development,b2b travel portal development,b2c travel portal development, travel website design company, airline reservation system, CAR reservation system at pocket friendly price.

Online Travel Portal Development Solution

Travel Portal Development is a basic need for every travel website and it provides a huge variety of choices for customers by providing cheaper rates and quick services within the time and to get more information about travel portal development visit our website . 

Meet the increasing online booking demands with travel portal development

Travel service providers all across the world are developing web portals and want to explore the technological approaches with their products and services. The term travel portal development has become a buzzword amongst all their travel and tour operators. Team India Web Design as a travel portal development company has helped numerous travel companies and enterprises to boost their business sales with custom made, user friendly and flexible travel portal development services.



What is a web portal?

Travel portal is a comprehensive web-based website that looks after reservation and booking of hotels, airlines, transfers, tour packages and more.


A travel technology company provides information related to services like website consulting, designing, development, maintenance of B2B, B2C, B2B2C travel portal developments. Not only that Team India Web Design also looks after API integration with global API providers like Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus, travel taxi, and more. API integration is a way to boost your business and actively help the customers looking for your services.


Study of Online Booking psychology?


In the modern world, people lead a rather stressful and busy lifestyle. Booking flight or train tickets by being physically present is seriously time-consuming. If you are working in the office you need to dedicate 12 hours of the day there, and how is it even possible to stand in the long queue to booking your transportation tickets.


The hotel booking scenarios: Suppose you plan to spend a vacation at a destination away from your home, and you do not have any idea of the hotels available like it used to happen before the existence of online booking. So, you have to make your family stand at a place, or you have to carry all your luggage and then search for the hotel.

All these situations were not only tough but the uncertain situations had made it even difficult for people to plan for holidays. The travel portal development or the online booking system has made all the difficult situations a lot easier and now people can easily plan their vacation with reference to numerous blogs and articles available on the internet.


Moreover, Team India Web Design as a travel portal development company has always studied human psychology before design and developing a website. They always, implement functionalities which will definitely easy the booking process.


The Top Priority features maintained by Team India Web design

Team India Web Design gives priority to the development of the travel portal which will include all these features:


An easy 24/7 admin calendar to manage, edit, create and cancel bookings.

A secure payment gateway to maintain Confidentiality of client's data.

Online chat and attractive call to action, along with easy price comparison features.

A flexible backend through which you can track your customers progresses.

The digital era has highly revolutionized the process people plan and enjoy their vacation. Our aim is to help our clients become active participants in the travel industry and give a tough fight to their competitors.


In case you are looking for a travel technology company to design an airline reservation system, b2b travel portal, b2c travel software, hotel booking system, transfer booking portal and more, Team India web design and help you. Book a consultation with us now!

Airline Reservation system

In today’s day and age, a web visitor expects complete solutions available to him. If we talk about a travel web portal, an Airline Reservation system is imperative. No travel web portal can be complete without it. This is why we offer high-end Airline Reservation system with easy to use interface and robust architecture which allows for increased efficiency, reduced cost, and more sales in a lesser period.





Our Airline Reservation system is incorporated with the Direct channel management and global distribution system (GDS). With our Flight booking API Integration, the end user will be able to view the booking details alongside other information like fare, rules, luggage limit and more. We have tie-ups with the leading suppliers of GDS, XML and API such as Sabre, Amadeus GDS, Yatra, Expedia, Travel Fusion and Mystifly. Many of the reservation systems have only a few distribution channels, but ours have all. And couple that with the 3rd party XML API integration, you will be able to reach plenty of customers.

With so many advanced features, our Flight booking API Integration helps customers to book the international and domestic flights from any location and offer better inventory, prices and other information to the travel agents also.


Times have changed in regards to booking the flight tickets. The need for providing relevant information and prompt response to the web user called for the emergence of an Airline Reservation system.


There are many features which make our Flight booking API Integration the best like multiple language support, multiple currencies acceptances, Secure payment gateway, social media sharing for promoting the discounts and easy GUI.


However, the pros don’t end here as we provide unique solutions for the travel agents so that they can maximize their profit margins and sales. Our customized solutions for Air ticket web portal will complement the requirements of the travel agents. A perfect solution to optimize the business.